World Class Education in Pool Construction

Brandi Moore is the Head Project Manager and GM for Reef Pool Builders Construction:

She recently traveled to Las Vegas to attend the 2015 International Pool / Spa / Patio Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The expo provided numerous opportunities to learn about different companies and products along with various networking opportunities in the pool industry.

More importantly, Brandi’s mission was to work with Genesis3, an educational program on the construction, design, and artistic elements of water features. She completed the Advanced Construction Course and learned about advanced hydraulics and engineering. The course was able to further her ambitions of building world-class water features.

Moore believes that Genesis3 is an elite group of people that teach an elite way of building. Brandi said, “The professionals in the class want to be the best at what they do”. The classes, taught by the thought leaders in the industry, are about design, engineering, concrete, construction, aquatic environments, and maintenance. Brandi further explains that the teachers are all “seasoned professionals who teach from a “lessons learned” perspective in order to prevent mistakes.”
Moore has immediately been able to apply what she has learned on her various construction projects around South Florida. “Building intricate water features requires you to pay attention to details with concrete preparation, tile work, water flow, and automation.” Taking the classes and sharing the information with my team is vital to our success.

Brandi has already completed other Genesis3 courses and is a Gold Member, which brings access to information, case studies and contacts to better her pool construction resources. This requires a level of continuing education credits each year to keep the Gold status. Genesis3 has recently joined teams with The National Swimming Pool Foundation to expand its offerings.

Brandi says that her favorite part of the pool-building process is the end result. “Going through a 'handoff' with my client knowing what a magnificent water feature they have is what keeps me going. It’s a great feeling” she says.

Congratulations to Brandi, and her team. May you continue to pursue excellence in all that you do.

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