Pool Construction - The Team, The Vision, The Talent

The Reef Pool Builders Pool Construction team is working on some of the most spectacular real estates in all of Miami. In addition to being a market leader at Ocean Reef Club and in Monroe County for high-end quality pool construction, our pool team has a serious presence in South Florida.

Correspondingly, we want to share the visions, messages, experiences, and nuances of this type of pool construction and continued pool maintenance. Take a look at the visual below.

If you are a Realtor, General Contractor, or Architect, this conversation is right up your alley. Reef Pool Builders is here to help consult on any pool projects that your client may be pursuing.

Here are some examples of what Reef Pool Builders is doing in the pool industry. Click on these articles and read below the visual.

This visual is a representation of the pool construction projects that Reef Pool Builders is currently working on in South Florida. We are also building in Ocean Reef and Monroe County.

A pool is no longer a hole in the ground, a small body of still water, or something to jump in to get wet. A pool is a piece of art where the artists and the owners have to think about water movement through space, lighting, finishes, and automation.

Just like a piece of art, a pool is the heart of your outdoor entertainment area. It is around your children as they grow up, what a guest's first inquiries about, what you look at through most windows in your home, where you focus your lighting, and what substantially increases the value of your real estate when built correctly.

Unlike a piece of art, a team creates a pool; it is a fixture and cannot be moved, or dramatically changed. The end is determined in the beginning and the process from conception to reality takes planning, teamwork, and sophistication. A structural engineer, a hydraulic engineer, and aesthetic complements all need to be coordinated. “It is a team approach that cannot be done by digging a hole and hiring a pool company”.

As a recent example, for a large concrete shoot, Reef Pool Builders led a team of talented experts in the development of a written concrete placement plan - after which we scheduled around mother nature, accessibility, and promised timeline. A major component of leadership, sophistication, and coordination had to take place for this to be successful

Brian Van Bower, who we believe to be one of the world’s most sought-after water feature designers, is redefining the industry through his education and creation of art-based water features. Reef Pool Builders always campaigns to get Brian and his company, Aquatic Consultants, involved from the very beginning.

Another world-class professional is John Wahler. John is a structural engineer and is involved in many high-end water feature projects around Florida with his company Aqua Dynamics. Reef Pool Builders is working with John’s group on the largest vessel we have ever built on La Gorce Island in South Florida.

After a pool is built, there is a whole other aspect of maintenance and ongoing enjoyment. Take a look at these equipment rooms and imagine hiring your local mom-and-pop pool cleaner or property manager to operate them. These pools do not just take a pump and a filter anymore. There are elaborate rooms dedicated to the operation that needs to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis by trained professionals that are familiar with the instillation.

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